Segami Dance Company

Segami was a short-lived dance company of two created by myself and New Zealand performer Hugh Major in the early 1990s in Edinburgh, Scotland. We joined forces after our paths crossed while working in the experimental theatre scene.

We created a handful of works including BruisedMy Heart and My LegsThis Glorious Prison, and Shifting Sands, and performed in Edinburgh, London and a few venues in New Zealand’s north island. During our stay in New Zealand we also held workshops and collaborated with performing arts students to create their own contribution to our performance.

Our main influences were Butoh dance, other movement practices like Tai Chi, and indigenous cultures – we were interested in creating intense, contemplative, energetic work. I see these influences and intentions as threads running through all the work since then, to lesser or greater degrees. We don’t have much documentation but here are some photos – I will add in any other bits if they emerge…






composition-voice-sound art