At First Light

At First LightAt First LightAt First Light

At First Light (fixed medium 8’49)

At First Light listener
At First Light listener

Arising from a current strand of exploration around ideas of impermanence and the ephemeral,  At First Light, a vocal meditation, was inspired by the play of light at sunrise and a notion that each moment may be filled with the past, present and future. The process of making the piece involved repeated exploration of the material ideas using a simple MAXMSP patch, with the final work being created in a single real-time improvisation. While a version of the piece was ultimately fixed to become At First Light, inherent in the process and the material is an idea of transient evolution – emergence, cycle and decay.

Selected Performances

Tomorrow, Today will be Yesterday‘ (LCGA, Limerick, Ireland)
Tomorrow, Today will be Yesterday‘ (ELO, Victoria BC, Canada)
NYCEMF Concert 35 (New York, US)
Tomorrow, Today will be Yesterday’ (CAAA, Guimaraes, Portugal)

Tomorrow, Today will be Yesterday’ (Guimaraes, Portugal)
Women in/on Sound Symposium (LICA, UK)


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