KPC Sound Mix, Open Jar Collective, GI Festival, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow. KPC Sound Mix is a collaged sound piece drawing from recordings of interviews and activities at Kinning Park. Drop by KPC kitchen and pick up an mp3 player and a set of headphones. Commissioned by Open Jar Collective and KPC as part of the […]

Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday Angles and distance, time and perspectives Installation (sound/video art) Opening 12 December 4pm / until February 13 Gallery #3, CAAA,  Guimarães, Portugal CAAA Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura At First Light The artists involved are: Alfredo Costa Monteiro (PT/ES), Artificial Memory Trace (Slavek Kwi) (CZ/UK), Darius Ciuta (LT), Elisabetta-Senesi (IT), […]

I created the sound/music for artist Dougie Strang’s performance installation Teine Èiginn/Need Fire, which will be on at the Hidden Door Festival 2015 at the old street-lighting depot on Kings Stables Road, just off the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. See links for more details. Hidden Door on Facebook Hidden Door website