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Fretwork (fixed medium, 4’48) was inspired by two distinct concepts of its title: instrumental – using fretted guitar as sound source; and architectural – the ornamental carved or inlaid wood decoration traditionally associated with eaves and balustrades, a decorative detail also applied, on a much smaller scale, to the guitar.

Fretwork draws its compositional language from the intimate physical gestures associated with playing the guitar – the act of plucking becomes transformed metaphorically into a range of percussive attacks, pops and clicks. While the piece unfolds as an abstract sound collage, fragments of recognisable guitar sounds emerge and recede amidst more decorative falsely extended vibrations and resonances.

Selected Performances

Acoustic Frontiers, CKCU 93.1, Canada
Last Friday Listening Room, Enter the Octagon, UC San Diego, US
Sweet Thunder Festival of EA Music, Listening Room, San Francisco
Radio Circulo FM100.4  Madrid
NoiseFloor Festival, Stafford, UK
Featured on Thrmnphone Netlabel Album, Spain
New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, US
Undae Project, Madrid, Spain
Lights Out Listening, The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow