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Rough Breathing CCA/AC Projects Residency

CCA:AC Projects1Delighted to have been selected for a month-long CCA/AC Projects Residency with clarinettist Alex South in the Creative Lab at CCA Glasgow – read more at the CCA website.

During our residency Alex South and I explored different elements through the Rough Breathing context – live electronics, audiovisual, and psychoacoustic and sonic relationships between voice and clarinet in addition to breathing practices informed by Pranayama.

Nichola and Alex recording CCASession with Wendy 181117







We posted some blogs at AC Projects Counterflows and shared some work-in-progress at an informal gathering at CCA near the end of the residency. Huge thanks to Alasdair Campbell/AC Projects, Creative Scotland, Alex Misick, Kenny Christie and all at CCA Glasgow, and our guests in the lab, sound designer William Aikman, filmmaker Wendy Kirkup and dance artists Joan Clevillé and Solène Weinachter.