Night Vision – performance R&D, supported by Creative Scotland
Alison Peebles

It’s been so rewarding to be part of your development of Night Vision, a hugely exciting and ground-breaking project…I am so impressed by the work you’ve done on it… deeply emotional and evocative opening the imagination and memory. while stretching us as artists and provoking interesting questions.

Stolen Voices Album Launch, CCA Glasgow
Lorna Irvine, The Tempohouse (full review here)

Nichola Scrutton is, as ever, an absolute wonder- her voice can disarm, charm and bewitch. Tonight, she creates half-languages, crackles, euphoric sighs, gibberish and siren sounds. She is playful, disturbing, and mesmerising to watch. She takes the listener into otherwordly realms, an uncertain space between sleep and consciousness

Rough Breathing
Tectonics Festival, Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow

Katie Hawthorne, The Guardian ****

…the audience were caught in a dexterous layering of breath that felt like the wash and roll of the sea.

Rough Breathing
CCA/AC Projects Residency with Alex South
Keith Bruce, The Herald (full article piece here)

What brought me back into the building was the chance to hear the fruits of an annual musicians’ residency organised by AC Projects. This year vocalist Nichola Sc(r)utton and clarinettist Alex South were given the opportunity to work together as a duo, exploring what they entitled Rough Breathing. Using electronics and collaborating with a film maker, the pair have been investigating the common ground of the sounds and process of breathing as the beginning of making improvised music, and this week they shared the results of their month in the Creative Lab. In the context of the CCA waking again to offer a nourishing home for its cultural clients, Rough Breathing seemed an ideal re-introduction to the place.

Mark of the Beast (Martin O’Connor)
Mary Brennan, The Herald *****

…unseen voices chip in with memories of the wee swally that first introduced them – often, as far back as childhood – to the compulsive disorder of getting totally blootered. The recorded voices belong to Glasgow’s North East Recovery Community: mixed into Nichola Scrutton’s chorale-cum-sound design, they will add personal witness to O’Connor’s tangy savvy progress through the cumulative effects of longterm alcohol abuse.

Theology (Martin O’Connor)
Gareth Vile, The Vile Blog

Nichola Scrutton’s sound design is an ambitious ambient yet engaging score that lends the words a dark subtext. Humour and tragedy are side by side.” …”adventurous use of sound…

Songs for a Stranger
Joyce McMillan The Scotsman Arches Live review ****

And down at the rough end of the basement, in a bare tunnel of a room, there’s composer Nichola Scrutton’s Songs For A Stranger, a 25-minute piece that moves beyond the limits of language into five segments of abstract electronic sound, accompanied by the increasingly fierce and brilliant vocal improvisations of Scrutton and her performing partner, Celine Hanni. There’s a central moment of meditation – titled Solitude – that recalls the deep resonances of Tibetan chant; then a final, shattering visit to what sounds like a dying rainforest, as a fierce richness of animal sound gives way to crackling cataclysm, and the soft, low sigh of a final breath.

Mary Brennan, The Herald ***

…as a live performance, full of vertiginous vocal techniques, it was always impressive…

Panic Patterns (Louise Welsh and Zoë Strachan)
Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

****The Herald

… sound designer Nichola Scrut(t)on’s noises off for comfort…

Broadway World

Nichola Scrutton’s sound design plays a starring role…

***The Scotsman

…an atmospheric set and soundscape…

Times Higher

…while Nichola Scrutton’s ghost-radio music……add to a twitchy atmosphere

(Installations: GoMA Glasgow, Orhenhoch, Berlin, The Auricle, NZ)

Dear Nichola, Your piece(HearAfter) has deeply impressed me
(Katharina Moos, ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen, Berlin)

i love “hearafter” – it floats, rebels, and it is very sensual.
(Knut Redmond, ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen, Berlin)

In Glasgow for a Serbian-Scottish wedding last weekend, I popped into GoMA. And discovered your little space there.  I was moved to write in the visitors’ book that your “exhibit” is deserving of the Turner Prize. An aural Empty Room With Light Going Off And On. But far, far more than that. Breath-alising, if you’ll permit a new portmanteau word! You made my day. (Tom Minic)

HearAfter comments
Page from the GoMA ‘HearAfter’ comments book.
Humdrum (with Erin Scrutton)
Pop-up drumming and singing project

Hi Nic and Erin,  Thanks to you both for  brilliant day. What incredible experiences you create for us!…(Irene)

Just wanted to say thanks to Erin and Nic for the great event yesterday. It was a fantastic project to be part of…(Kate)

Just wanted to thank you for organising such a fabulous event on Saturday, and to say how much I enjoyed being part of it. It was a great way to celebrate…(Carol)

A huge thank you!…(Linda)

Dear Erin and Nic, A very big thank you for all your hard work, it really paid off yesterday. The music and lyrics were fantastic and it was an honour to be part of the event…(Judy)

SoundAround (with Erin Scrutton)
Workshop/performance project, Perth Concert Hall

In 2005 not long after getting out of hospital after a severe depressive episode whenI had no sensory response, being invited to participate in the “Soundaround” workshop was the best antidote and reintroduction into a mainstream community as after several weeks of recording we performed live in front of an audience at the huge opening of Perth’s concert hall. I felt alive, energised and a sense of belonging to something meaningful again.  I felt greatly inspired by Erin and Nic’s enthusiasm and encouragement that everyone has the ability to make music and have huge fun doing it. For me it was a memorable life event and reinforced my conviction in the power of the arts to heal. (Lorraine Nicholson)