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Night Vision Residency at Tramway

Residency 5th – 9th June 2023

Night Vision has several iterations underway through 2023, including an album, a performance and a film.

I’m working on the film with cinematographer Kirstin McMahon, and the Tramway residency is a space to explore additional visual/sound materials.

Team for Residency

Director: Nichola Scrutton
Cinematographer: Kirstin McMahon
Technical / SM: Jack Wrigley
Production Manager: Nick Millar
Producer: Nichola Scrutton

Additional thanks to performers – Alison Peebles, Ian Spink, Louise Montgomery, Nerea Bello, Belle Jones, to stand-in Deen Fredericks, and to Stevie Jones for sound recording experiments.

Many thanks to Tramway for supporting Night Vision, and to the super-helpful crew.

Main image: Nichola Scrutton © Julie Broadfoot