Breathing Space

Breathing Space (7’56) is an acousmatic work that uses the human voice as the only sound source.  As the title suggests, the driving force of the work is the breath and its potential to evoke different sensations of space.

The piece explores the voice both as an expressive, humane tool of communication and as a more abstract, purely sonorous instrument.  In general, Breathing Space continually overlaps the border between literal and metaphorical implications and also the ambiguous relationship between ‘natural’ and processed sounds.   The form proceeds as a relatively free exploration of these multiple vocal possibilities but comes to pivot on a transformation from intense saturation to extreme reduction.

Selected performances

‘Sonic Diversions’, Roundhouse Radio, London
In the Dark, London, UK (diffused by Anna Raimondo)
Acoustic Frontiers Radio, Ottowa, Canada
RadiaLx, Radio Art Festival / 88.4 FM, Lisbon, Portugal
Institut de Culture de Rabat, Morocco
Khoross Audio Dramas, UK
ICMC, New Orleans
DMRN Conference, Goldsmith’s, University of London
Musica Electronica, University of Glasgow Concert Hall