I am an award-winning composer, vocalist, sound artist and artist. I  focus on distinct but interlinking fields of experimental vocal performance, improvisation, studio sound and soundscape composition, and interdisciplinary collaborations with writers and theatre-makers.

At the core of my practice is an ongoing interest in a) working with the voice as expressive or sonorous material, both in an abstract musical or sculptural sense and as an expression of identity through gesture, form and timbre, and b) making associations or connections with place and space through real/re-imagined soundscapes.

I was awarded a PhD in electroacoustic composition from University of Glasgow for my portfolio ‘Hearing Voices’ (2009), which was funded by an AHRC Scholarship.

My studio compositions have been broadcast internationally. Examples are: NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, Brooklyn Acoustic Ecology Festival, Framework Radio Estonia, Nuite Blanche Festival Futura, Undae Thrmnphone.

In 2013, I won the US International Alliance for Women in Music Pauline Oliveros Award for my studio composition Post-Industrial Broadcast #1.

Other examples include, HearAfter installation, supported by the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow with a run of six weeks and then went on to galleries in Berlin and Christchurch, NZ; At First Light, selected for ‘Tomorrow, today will be Yesterday’ group installation in Guimaraes, Portugal (2 months); and Lateral, selected for Here. now. where? Saout Radio Installation, 5th Marrakech Biennale, Morocco. In 2016 I was invited curator for ‘Glasgow Soundscapes: Place, Space and Memory’, WebSYNradio, France.

Select performance projects include:  Night Vision, a new work-in-progress, initially developed at Rough Mix, Magnetic North’s creative development programme, and further developed during a Q-O2 residency in Brussels;  Rough Breathing with clarinettist Alex South, the work was further developed through an AC Projects/CCA Creative Lab Residency.  Our most recent performance was at Tectonics Festival, Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow;  Rays & Correlations with writer Zoë Strachan first performed as a live studio broadcast for Radiohprenia.  This is the third performance that Zoë and I have worked on – our previous Static Flux was selected in 2018 for Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh.

Since January 2014 I have been performing with Sonic Bothy Ensemble and working with the inclusive new and experimental music charity  across a range of projects.  For 2019-2020,  I am also a development artist. Sonic Bothy Ensemble released their debut album Fields in 2019, which is available on Bandcamp and has been performing across Scotland and UK.

Other examples include Radio Play with Ian Spink, Skye Reynolds, Aya Kobayashi, Selina Boyack and Stella Boyack, initially produced as a scratch performance for Unfix Festival and now in development; When Night Comes solo performance at the Beton 7 Festival, Athens, Greece. This performance was part of the opening event along with Wendy Kirkup’s film from a score, in which I perform Berio’s Sequenza III for Solo Voice, and a Q+A with Simon Murray, Wendy and me;  Exploring the Unknown collaboration with Vernon and Burns; BBC Radio 3 Exposure; Radiophrenia commission; In 2016 I was a Sura Medura artist-in-residence with UZ Arts in Sri Lanka, and was also invited to perform with ‘Video Jam’ at the opening of the Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka.

In collaborations for theatre, I create dynamic soundscapes often punctuated with stylised vocal compositions, using recordings of my own voice or other people’s voices that have been captured in project-specific research and development. I am interested in potentially new multi­dimensional narratives and expression aligning with the idea that in spoken dialogue words are only a part of what is communicated. The recent performance of The Mark of the Beast, developed with writer Martin O’Connor and the North-East Recovery Community (addiction) received a 5-star review in The Herald. In other work with Martin, Theology was nominated for a CATS Award ‘Best Music and Sound’ category (2014). I was a selected artist for Magnetic North’s interdisciplinary Space/Time Residency at Cove Park (2018). In 2016, I was a shortlisted composer for the Old Vic 12, and in 2015 was one of four composers selected for the inaugural Composers and Choreographers Lab with Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds. Martin O’Connor and I have been co-commissioned by Outspoken Arts Scotland to develop a proposal for a new production in Paisley.

In 2017 I qualified in  yoga  teacher-training (200hr) through Seasonal Yoga Academy and to date have complete the first year of my 300hr training, to be completed in the coming year.

A CV and Refs are available on request.