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Social Media Manager/Final Fling

Final Fling

Final Fling is an award-winning site that offers end-of-life planning tools and an extensive blog, which is chocca with information about death, dying and end-of-life. All delivered with a pragmatic live well, die well perspective.

From Jan 2013 – Nov 2014…

Final Fling Meeting

I worked with Barbara and Final Fling, taking the lead in developingFling’s social media presence, admin, networking and data management. I was also regularly involved in creative business development, such as the Day of the Dead festival and other proposals. Final Fling has also hosted several Death Cafes – in which people meet up and discuss all things death over tea and cake.

If you want to get your end-of-life stuff sorted – check out Final Fling.


GoMA/Final Fling/Day of the Dead Mini-Fest

Day of the Dead at Final Fling

Final Fling’s Day of the Dead Mini-Fest

Co-produced by Gallery of Modern Art  and Final Fling

Date: 2nd Nov 2013
Venue:  GoMA, Glasgow
Please note: Adrian Howells is performing at an alternative Southside location

Final FlingDay of the Dead


  • 10 am – 12 noon – a shrine workshop with Greer Pester;
  • 12 noon – 1 pm – Death Rattle performance in the portico;
  • 2 pm – 4 pm – a Death Cafe – top floor workshop;
  • 5 pm – 9 pm – Unburden – one to one with Adrian Howells;
  • All day in the portico – Charnal House by Doug Strang
  • HearAfter sound installation was previewed on 25th Oct and ran until 1st Dec 2013.

More info at Final Fling‘s Day of the Dead Mini-Fest

Many thanks to Katie Bruce and all at the Gallery of Modern Art



GLEAM concert at GU

I am delighted to have organised the first GLEAM electroacoustic concert in the University of Glasgow Concert Hall. A call for works drew of 60 submissions. The event includes fixed medium works by:

Christian Banasik, Géraud Bec, Iain Campbell, Timothy Cooper, Jonas Foerster, Annelie Nederberg, Felipe Otondo, Dale Perkins, Calum Scott, Pei-Yu Shi, Graeme Truslove, Matt Walch.

Date and time: Saturday 20th March 2010 at 6 pm.

Free entry.