RadiophreniaSonnets is a series of live, interactive, largely improvised sound poems. The work draws on the root meanings of the title word – from  ‘son’ (song) and ‘sonus’ (sound) – rather than the traditional poetic form.

As a further development along established paths of my work as composer/performer, the driving force of Sonnets is the sonorous expression of the voice and the literal and metaphorical associations it creates when projected through different spatial or quasi-sculptural formations. In this work I use minimal processing, and focus instead on weaving together a palette of breathy sounds, phonemic fragments and vocal gestures into a series of self-contained but interlinked sound worlds. In some of the ‘poems’ the live voice comes together with sounds drawn from field recordings, and with pre-composed sounds that invoke or reference a fictional place or state.

Sonnets was originally commissioned by Radiophrenia for live-to-air broadcast in April 2015. In that performance the unbroken stream of ‘sonnets’ unfolded as  three distinct but interconnected sound poems, and the work is still in development.

Selected Performances

March: Radiophrenia at Borealis Radio, Norway

0901: Radiophrenia broadcast on Resonance fm
0413: Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow, Scotland

composition-voice-sound art