KPC Sound Mix



KPC Sound Mix is a sound artwork commissioned by KPC and Open Jar Collective for Broth Mix – a food-based project that will run in KPC for two weeks during Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art from 7th – 14th April 2014.

The sound artwork is a collage of field recordings, interviews, and music clips that presents a snapshot of KPC. The piece  will be available on MP3 players with headphones at KPC during the two-week period and can be downloaded here at KPC Sound Mix.

Many thanks indeed to all the contributors!

Interviews and field recordings

Ammy Jay
Amrik Kanr
Anne Davidson
Catherine Weir
Clem Sandison
Helen Kyle
Kinning Park Complex
Lindsay Keenan
Nicole’s dance class
Reuben Chesters – Locovore
Women’s cooking/gardening group

Music Clips

Drumming – Death Rattle/Tricky
Erin Scrutton (composer; drums/percussion)
Nichola Scrutton (drums/percussion)
Kirsty Ewing (drums/percussion)
Barbara Chalmers (drums/percussion)
Michelle Drumm (drums/percussion)

Luskentyre and Stevie Jones
Martin Douglas (tuba)

Sokobauno Puppet and Object Theatre
Shane Connolly (composer; reading; performance – accordian, percussion)
Stevie Jones (recording)
Alasdair Roberts (guitar)
Georgie McGeown (flute)

composition-voice-sound art