Good Days Bad Days

Good Days Bad Days wordsGood Days Bad Days

Good Days Bad Days is a new work created in collaboration with poet/writer Martin O’Connor. Initiated by Martin, the work explores issues/ideas around alcohol and addiction in Glasgow.

The Good Days Bad Days project was commissioned by GEAC Platform-to-Health and GRAND (Getting Real About AlcoholGood Days Bad Days installation n Drugs), in Good Days Bad Days installationcollaboration with the North East Recovery Community (NERC).

Through a series of workshops over five months, we worked with participants in the six NERC cafes to explore stories, responses and spoken word/vocal ideas.  All the material gathered was woven into an evocative sound installation and presented at Platform, The Bridge at the end of March 2016.


Good Days Bad Days installation, Platform Glasgow
Outskirts Festival, Glasgow

composition-voice-sound art