Choreographers + Composers Lab

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I was very excited to be one of four composers selected for the inaugural Choreographers and Composers Lab with Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds.  The Lab ran for  two weeks in July 2015 and was led by Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director & Choreographer Sharon Watson and Independent Music Director & Composer Ken Hesketh (RCM), with Tracy Tinker, Imogen Pickles, and other fabulous support team. The Lab was punctuated with various guest speakers – Robert Cohan, Peter Weigold, Zoé Martlew, Dr Jo Butterworth, Mike Dixon, Didy Veldman.

See more photos from the C/C Lab here.

Adrienne Hart, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Claire Lefèvre and Sandrine Monin.

Composers: Roberto David Rusconi, Nichola Scrutton (me!), Sarah Westwood and Eloise Gynn.

Dancers:  Hannah Bateman, Francesca Caselli, Andreas Grimaldier, Joshua  Harriette, Carmen Marfil, Marie Astrid Mence, Ben Mitchell, Vanessa Pang, Alice Shepherdson, Sam Vaherlehto , Prentice Whitlow.

Musicians: Hara Alonso, Oliver  Dover, Sean  Hamilton, Becky Yen-Huan

The Lab was a rare opportunity to focus on the creative process of research and experimentation with the emphasis on composition in music and dance. We explored collaborative approaches to creating work and developing partnership skills, in a challenging environment. There was no pressure  to produce final results but in the process of responding to creative tasks and experimenting with new choreographic and compositional approaches, we made and shared a lot of seed works in the two week period.


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